Centre for Innovation in Pedagogy

About us

The Centre for Innovation in Pedagogy (CIP) is a community of academics, learning technologists and students interested in the areas of pedagogy and teaching innovation in the School of Social Sciences at The University of Manchester.

The Centre holds regular meetings to discuss developments in pedagogy and good practice. Ultimately, the Centre aims to impact on the teaching at Manchester by trailblazing new ideas and supporting development in teaching

Partnering with students in innovation

We believe that collaborating with our students is essential to enhance the learning environment and their experience at Manchester. Our partnership makes our innovations more effective and richer.

Collaboration with learning technologists

An important part of our work will involve direct collaboration with Learning Technologists, who provide expertise, ideas and support in our pedagogical research.

A centre for research in pedagogy

By its nature, the Centre is a catalyst for pedagogical research.

We aim to support an environment rich for pedagogical research bringing together academics across the School of Social Sciences. Our research and events will support the dissemination of our work with the aim of making an impact on teaching at Manchester and the wider HE teaching community.