Health, Work and Wellbeing Network

Bringing together people interested in health, work and wellbeing research

Welcome to HAWWN


The HAWWN Network brings together those who contribute to, and benefit from, research in the areas of health, work and well-being. Its aim is to encourage the sharing of expertise, provide opportunities for collaboration and generate more research in these topics.

Previous research identified several barriers to interdisciplinary work in the topics of work, health and wellbeing which included a lack of communication between academics and users of research. This network aims to overcome this barrier by encouraging greater contact between academics and non-academics with an interest in these topics.

We hope that members of the network will benefit from a mutual sharing of expertise which will enhance the quality of work, health and wellbeing research as well as encouraging its practical application by practitioners and policy makers.

The initial phase of this network was funded by Public Health England (August 2014-March 2015).