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Researchers: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) with Simplyhealth healthcare provider
Funder: CIPD in partnership with Simplyhealth
Date: Annual survey

Aims: Annual survey aiming to describe levels of sickness absence and actions taken by firms in different sectors to reduce these rates.

Design: Online survey: 573 responses from across the UK in 2010. Questionnaire comprised 43 questions exploring absence levels, costs and causes, as well as how organisations attempt to manage absence and promote health and wellbeing at work. Questions also examined the impact of the recession on absence rates and occupational sick pay arrangements. Three-quarters of respondents (77%) answered in relation to whole company, 16% single site and 5% single division. Most were small to medium-sized firms but one in eight respondents (13%) have global responsibilities. Include both public and private sector organisations.

Outputs: Absence Management: Annual Survey Report 2010, CIPD with Simplyhealth: