Health, Work and Wellbeing Network

Bringing together people interested in health, work and wellbeing research

Researchers: Professor Roy Sainsbury, University of York in association with Ipsos MORI; Anne Corden, University of York
Funder: Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)
Date: January 2010 – November 2012

Aims: To evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the Health and Wellbeing co-ordinators and the H&WB Challenge Fund. The co-ordinators work with Regional Directors of Public Health – and equivalent in Scotland and Wales – to promote action on health, work and well-being in a number of ways, including:

  1. Acting as catalyst for action, developing and encouraging partnerships between employment, health and other relevant networks within their area
  2. Administering the Health Work and Well-being Challenge Fund – a grant scheme open to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and local partnerships to improve workplace health and well-being through innovative initiatives involving employees in planning and participating

Design: The evaluation programme includes:

  • A survey of businesses and organisations with whom co-ordinators have contact
  • A survey of Challenge Fund winners
  • In depth case studies of a sub-sample of Challenge Fund winners
  • Collection and analysis of quantitative data on the co-ordinators
  • A series of qualitative interviews with co-ordinators
  • Directors of Public Health and key policy makers.