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Researcher: Dr. Cohen, Cardiff University
Public Health Wales
Time: October 2010

Aims: To understand in more depth the challenges employers face in terms of managing work and health related issues in their workforces and informed by this work construct an employers‘ resource that will sit on the Healthy Working Wales website.

Stage I: mapping existing services already available for employers in Wales. Done in collaboration with Public Health Wales to incorporate the data already gathered via their mapping project
Stage II: Research with employers of SMEs and large organisations in Wales to investigate the work and health related issues they face including:

  1. Qualitative semi structured interviews and discussion groups with line managers and others in sample of organisations
  2. Collection of quantitative data via a questionnaire survey of larger sample of organisations

Stage III: development of the content of the website following same format and layout as the website
StageVI: developing the website
Stage V: piloting the website on a representative sample of businesses involved in earlier stages of the study

Outputs: Extension to the Healthy Working Wales Website