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Researchers: Gordon Waddell, Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research, Cardiff University; A. Kim Burton, Centre for Health and Social Care Research,University of Huddersfield.
Funder: Department of Work and Pensions
Date: Completed 2006

Aims: To look at scientific evidence on the relationship between work, health and wellbeing to inform the government‘s public health and welfare reform agenda.

Design: This review incorporated a range of scientific evidence, of differing type and quality, from a variety of disciplines, methodologies, and literatures. It a) evaluated the scientific evidence on the relationship between work, health and well-being; and b) to do that, it also had to make sense of the complex set of issues around work and health. It combines a ‘best evidence synthesis’ tackling heterogeneous evidence and complex sociomedical issues, and a methodology for rating the strength of the scientific evidence. It used a narrative approach to synthesis and focused on working age adults and the common health problems that account for the majority of long-term incapacity and sickness absence.

Outputs: Waddell, G., Burton, A.K. (2006). Is work good for your health and well being? London, The Stationery Office.