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Researchers: Anja Baumann and Matt Muijen
Funder: WHO EURO
Date: 2010

Aims: This review summarises the presentations given at a WHO Conference on Mental Health and Well-being at the Workplace in March 2009. It suggests ways to respond to how modern working life challenges mental health and well-being, how to overcome barriers to employment for people with mental health problems and opportunities for integration and empowerment given the global economic downturn from the viewpoint of user and family caregiver associations, enterprises, trade unions, politicians and researchers. It is essential reading for employers and policy makers in the European Region and beyond.

Outputs: Baumann, A. and Muijen, M. (Eds.) (2010) Mental health and well-being at the workplace – protection and inclusion in challenging times, WHO Regional Office for Europe, and Wolfgang Gaebel, German Alliance for Mental Health,