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Principal Investigator: Mark Petticrew, London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine
Co-Investigators: M. Whitehead, University of Liverpool; A. Sowden, University of York

Funder: DH PRP (via DH Public Health Research Consortium)
Date: 2006-2008

Aims: To systematically review primary empirical studies in any language on the health and wellbeing impacts of changes to the organisation and experience of shift work, and to identify any differential impacts by social group.

Design: Systematic review of interventions that change the organisation of shift work. We sought published or unpublished experimental and quasi- experimental studies (in any language) that evaluated the health, wellbeing and economic effects of such interventions in electronic databases, websites and bibliographies. Studies were critically appraised and the best available evidence was narratively synthesised.

Bambra, C., Whitehead, M., Sowden, A., Akers, J. and Petticrew, M. (2008) Shifting Schedules; the health effects of reorganizing shift work. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 34 (5): 427-434.

Bambra, C., Whitehead, M., Sowden, A., Akers, J. and Petticrew, M. (2008) ‘A hard day‘s night?’ The effects of Compressed Working Week interventions on the health and work-life balance of shift-workers: a systematic review. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 62: 764-77.