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Principal Investigator:
Professor Tarania Chandola
University of Manchester

Funder: The British Academy
Date: 2010

Aims: To review evidence on the impact of the recession on work stress in the UK

Design: This is a narrative review of multiple sources of evidence focusing on the effects of the recession on work stress trends. Psychosocial work stressors include: job insecurity, work intensity and inter-personal conflict at work, work intensity, bullying, long working hours, etc. It includes The report covers the following areas: Determinants of work stress; the size of the problem of work stress in Britain; the costs of work stress including impacts on health, accidents and injuries, absenteeism and presenteeism, economic costs, costs to employers and wider social costs; and brief consideration of ways of reducing work stress including the implications of the new fit notes.

Outputs: Chandola, T. (2010) Stress at Work, The British Academy