Health, Work and Wellbeing Network

Bringing together people interested in health, work and wellbeing research

Principal Investigator:
Dr Maria Karanika-Murray
Division of Psychology
Nottingham Trent University
T: 0115 848 2718 / 848 2425

Funder: Economic & Social Research Council
Date: April 2009-Sept 2011

Aims: To understand how the wider organisational context (rather than immediate working environment) impacts on work-related health and well-being. Primarily interested in developing knowledge and theory not testing interventions.

Design: Data will be collected by means of a survey administered online. HR and O&S/well-being managers/directors of large organisations in all sectors were approached directly to be involved including both public and private sector organisations (NHS was not included due to the additional lengthy ethics procedure required). The requirements were that (i) employees should have access to a computer in order to complete the online survey, which restricted the target groups to non-manual workers and (ii) that the minimum number of work units should be 40 with 40 individuals per work unit, which restricted the sample to large organisations and large work units. In practice, however, the team have identified ways to analyse the data with smaller N per work unit. In this multilevel project, the unit of analysis is the work unit and in anticipation of response rates (typical of online AND longitudinal surveys) all employees in each organisation have been approached. Participants will be asked to complete the survey four times within a year. Questions are included on demographics, the organisational context, the job itself, leadership, and outcomes (job satisfaction, absenteeism, turnover intentions, motivation, performance, and well-being).